I am Sunil Yadav(Raven)

Java Fullstack Engineer with Angular!

Name: Sunil Yadav

Profile: Java Full Stack Engineer

Email:  sunilitggu10@gmail.com

Phone: (+91) 8197275514

Experience : 4.2 years

NP : 60days

Location : Bangalore

About Me

I completed my B.Tech from central university of Bilaspur(C.G) in 2014 (AIEEE). I joined Mindtree Pvt. Ltd. orchard program in October 2014 and since then I have been working in IT industry as software engineer. During my short but satisfactory journey in IT, I realized that I can be very dedicated and productive.I am always open to possibilities, eager to learn and committed to fulfill my commitments.


Below are the list of projects that I worked on.

Lexus Drivers Redesign

(Mindtree Pvt. ltd.)
  • Lexus drivers is a portal for drivers and owners of the car, where they can find all the necessary details about the car like how to operate and use it's different features, cars history current condition and fuel level on the go etc.
  • Integrated YouTube API for authenticated and unauthenticated users and worked on multiple POCs for the project.
  • Implemented third party authentication and deeplinking.
  • Created 26 pages for the app including very home page, end to end.
  • Received outstanding performar award.


(Mindtree Pvt. ltd.)
  • Floorescence is a in house product of Mindtree, which has been designed to help retail stores and properties owners to manage and improve their business.
  • Created two apps for app store with Azure Active Directory integration.
  • When I joined project, I found out some flaws in application like login flow, exception handling and capped collection, brought it to manager and fixed them.
  • Created and designed one whole feature for the application.
  • Received outstanding performar and A-team award.

R-Card(e-Navi & card-core)

(Rakuten India)
  • Worked on three projects - Card Core 4.0, Card Member Service and Card E-Navi.
  • Did some POCs for project and worked some very critical modules like project startup.
  • All projects are getting redesigned and migrated to rest and java8.
  • During one module presentation I proposed one project that I found out during my prepration for presentation and now a new team got hired and working on same project.

othere Projects

Below are the list of projects that I worked on as a personal interest.


NoOne was a chatbot, aim was to target people who needs help but don't know whom to ask or are too shy to ask. NoOne will chat with people listen and suggest them the right direction or solution, career guidance etc.


I started working on Ravenloup as a personal interest of mine in my spare time. Aim was to target students and professionals who wants to learn, teach or searching a job/ offering a job. Where fresher can find materials to study and prepare for interview, prepare resume and can ask about some company etc.


Below are the list of skills and technologies that I worked on in different projects.

Middle layer

  • JAVA 7/8
  • Spring
  • Spring Boot
  • SpringMVC
  • Spring Security
  • Spring AOP

Front Layer

  • AngularJS 1.7
  • Angular
  • JQuery
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Bootstrap

Data Layer

  • Mongodb
  • Dynamodb
  • Hibernate
  • Mongo Repository
  • MySQL


  • AWS
  • Azure Active Directory


  • Maven
  • IONIC 4
  • GIT
  • Github/Bitbucket
  • Docker
  • Jenkins
  • Swagger
  • Restful web services


  • B.Tech in computer science and Engineering(ITGGV, Bilaspur, CG) : CGPA - 8.00, AIEEE.
  • Intermediate : Completed Intermediate 77%.
  • High School : Completed High school with 72%.


If you need website and don't have money to pay for it, I may help you with a single page basic website. Just remember I work only in my free time and I have no extra commitments or any obligation*.